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Embrace Asia, ArtsAsia Festival 2009,October 17-24

The ArtsAsia Festival, organized by the University of Kentucky Asia Center and the UK Asian Fine Arts Initiative, is a week-long celebration of Asian art and culture, bringing world-class musicians, artists, dancers, scholars, and educators to Lexington and the Commonwealth.

More than twenty events will offer opportunities to experience performances, workshops, lectures, and demonstrations from cultures across Asia. Enjoy a jazz concert by Asian artists, participate in an ikebana flower-arranging workshop, watch Indian kathakali dancers perform, or learn about Chinese ait from a renowned Oxford professor. Embrace Asia through the Arts!

Huang Xiang and William Rock were invited as prominent artists to participate in the Asian Art Festival co-hosted by the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky State Government. Their collaborative artwork, "The Century Mountain Project “ was exhibited in the gallery. The art project, including its English-translated slideshow, was continuously displayed on the big screen at the University of Kentucky's Center for Asian Art. They were invited to give lectures and perform calligraphy art in university classes. Huang Xiang also performed a special poetry recitation, featuring poems from "The Century Mountain Project “ artwork. The erhu performance artist Mimi Jong accompanied Huang Xiang as his translator and provided impromptu accompaniment for his recitation. The audience enthusiastically participated, filling every seat in the venue, which was imbued with the passion and spiritual essence of the poetry!

Professor Michael Sullivan, at the grand age of 93, represented the United Kingdom at this art festival. Michael Sullivan (October 29, 1916 - September 28, 2013), a Sinologist and art historian, was one of the first Western scholars to introduce modern Chinese art to the West and an authority in the study and critique of the history of modern Chinese art in the Western world.

In memory of Professor Michael Sullivan.

擁抱亞洲, 肯塔基大學亞洲中心, 2009年亞洲藝術節,10 月 17 日至 24 日



黃翔和William Rock被作為重要藝術家邀請參加這個由肯塔基大學和肯塔基州政府聯合舉辦的亞洲藝術節,他們共同創作的世紀的群山藝術作品在畫廊展出,這個藝術項目的藝術作品以及英文翻譯的幻燈投影在坑塔基大學的亞洲藝術中心的大屏幕上循環播放,他們二人被邀請到大學的課堂演講和表演書法藝術,黃翔並被安排作專場詩歌朗誦,朗誦世紀的群山藝術作品上的詩歌。二胡表演藝術家咪咪(Mimi Jong)隨行為黃翔翻譯並為他的朗誦即興伴奏。觀眾踴躍參加,會場座無虛席,整個會場被詩歌的激情和精神內涵充滿!

這次藝術節蘇立文(Michael Sullivan)教授以93 歲高齡代表英國出席。蘇立文(Michael Sullivan)1916年10月29日—2013年9月28日)汉学家、藝術史家,是最早向西方介紹中國現代美術的西方學者之一、西方研究與批評中國現代美術史的權威。

紀念蘇立文(Michael Sullivan)教授。

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IEAS. Institute of East Asian Studies ,University of California, Berkeley. IEAS BOOK SERIES.NEW PERSPECTIVES ON ASIA.

“A Lifetime Is a Promise to Кеер”:

Artistic Expression and Resistance in the Work of Huang Xiang

Huang Xiang in conversation with Michelle Yeh, UC Davis Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and translator of Huang Xiang's poetry

Labeled a dissident poet and artist, Huang Xiang, whose work is still banned in China, will offer an artistic performance and a reading from his new book, A Lifetime Is a Promise to Keep: Poems of Huang Xiang. The book, published by IEAS in 2009, contains an introduction to Huang Xiang and his poetry, as well as Chinese and English versions of his poems. Described by Michelle Yeh as "an irrepressible free spirit" sustained by his belief in life through the harrowing experiences of repression, he and his poems speak with vitality and intensity, with humility and gentleness.

Words and images intertwine as Huang Xiang offers a demonstration of his work in visual art.

WEDNESDAY, September 2, 2009 4:00 PM

Program followed by reception and book signing IEAS Conference Room, 2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor, Berkeley

This event is sponsored by the Institute of East Asian Studies and Center for Chinese Studies, UC Berkeley.

Note, it is unfortunate that the photos of Huang Xiang’s conversation with Professor Michelle Yeh at Institute of East Asian Studies of the University of California, Berkeley, as well as photos of the event, seem to have been lost. These photos are of Huang Xiang signing books, as well as images from when he was invited by the chair of Pen American West Chapter to her house for a gathering, exchange, recitation, and impromptu calligraphy gifts with Western writers. There are also photos from after the event, touring San Francisco with Zhang Ling.

加州大學柏克利分校 IEAS東亞研究所。IEAS系列叢書。亞洲新視角。






2009 年 9 月 2 日星期三下午 4:00

活動結束後進行招待會和簽書會 在IEAS 會議室,2223 Fulton Street, 6th Floor, UC Berkeley



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In 2009, Huang Xiang was invited to participate in the "Art and Democracy IV" exhibition organized by the Visual Artists Guild to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was grandly held at Gallery H in New York. Huang Xiang was arranged to recite poetry as an important artist and poet.

2009,黃翔應邀參與視覺藝術家協會為紀念柏林圍牆倒塌20週年舉辦的「藝術與民主Ⅳ」展覽,在紐約Gallery H畫廊隆重舉辦,黃翔被安排作為重要藝術家和詩人朗誦詩歌。