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HuangXiang's event

The NFT Collection Show

Opening: November 10 2022, 開幕時間:2022 年 11 月 10 日

November 10-November 16, 2022, 展览時間:2022 年 11 月 10 日至 11 月 16 日

Saphira &Ventura Gallery(薩菲拉•文圖拉畫廊)

4 W 43rd St.#416, New York, NY 10036



Considered one of the foremost iconic and vanguard poets of modern China, Huang Xiang has likewise proved his talents as a master calligrapher, painter, and a prominent Chinese figure, carving out his role in the fight for democratic principles. It is with great honor that Saphira &Ventura presents a solo exhibition on the artist, welcoming all to see the strong aesthetic imagery and universal statements they convey. The exhibition, curated by Alcinda Saphira, will take place on November 10, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm.

Throughout his life as an artist and poet, Huang Xiang ( 黃翔)embodies the creative energy of the revolutionary artist. Regarded as China's Walt Whitman, his daring and provocative poetry and artworks led to his imprisonment during the premiership of Deng Xiaoping were he refused to accept the doctrines of the Chinese Communist Party and supported free expression. His work during the Democracy Wall Movement gained him immense fame yet also led him to be blacklisted. Having left China, Huang Xiang was granted asylum in the United States were he has embarked on a variety of projects. His paintings capture the nature of abstract beauty while superimposing statements in Chinese referring to evocative themes bridging a universal humanity from east to west with his poetic spirit.


"This is the sound that shocks the universe of the human body without speaking. All languages thunderously crumble in this voiceless silence."


This is just one example of the countless passages that the artist articulates in his works taking influence from a variety of figures such as Lao Tzu, Gandhi, Lincoln, etc...Saphira &Ventura Gallery welcomes visitors to this engaging exhibition, raising an awareness to timeless values and a contemplation of the artist's mission towards universal harmony among cultures.




Curator by Alcinda Saphira

Production: Diego Ponce/Albert Valente /Liz Carvalho

Design: Camila Crivelenti

    黃翔被認為是現代中國最重要的標誌性和先鋒詩人之一,他同樣證明了自己作為書法大師、畫家和中國傑出人物的才華,在爭取民主原則的鬥爭中發揮了自己的作用。 Saphira & Ventura畫廊非常榮幸地為這位藝術家舉辦個展,歡迎所有人來看看他們所傳達的強烈的審美意象和普遍的陳述。該展覽由 Alcinda Saphira 策展。



    這只是這位藝術家在他的作品中表達的無數段落中的一個例子,這些段落受到老子、甘地、林肯等各種人物的影響……Saphira&Ventura Gallery(薩菲拉•文圖拉畫廊)歡迎參觀者參加這個引人入勝的展覽,提高對永恆價值的認識,並對藝術家追求文化間普遍和諧的使命進行思考。

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The NFT collection in Venice Biennale

Sep 19-22

黄翔的艺术作品在2022年威尼斯双年展(Venice Biennale)展出。

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The NFT Collection Show

Saphira & Ventura Gallery and MACO MUSEUM ART with the support of the  New York International Contemporary Art Society, DuxDigital & Financial Move  will present a selective body of contemporary works, and invite visitors to explore the digital works in NFT format by contemporary artists from different countries around the world.

Saphira & Ventura Gallery will present its successful road map metaverse project at different locations in Europe and the United States. For this current collective exhibition, Saphira & Ventura Gallery will be presenting a collection of contemporary non-fungible tokens ( NFTs). The exhibition will carry variations in styles and theme.

Our NFT’s Exhibition at MACO MUSEUM ART at @castello_brown_portofino just ended! We were honored to showcase the NFT works by one of the most beautiful prominent 20th Century Chinese poet and calligraphy artist, HUANG XIANG. Born in 1941, he came into eminence following China's Cultural Revolution. Huang Xiang is also one of the representatives of Guizhou poets. His works are deeply influenced by philosophy, spiritual life, the beauty of rural provinces and his beloved literary ancestors.



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The NFT collection in Italy

APR 23-30,2022

黄翔的NFT艺术作品2022 年4 月在意大利波托菲诺(Portofino)的MACO艺术博物馆(MACO MUSEUM ART)展出。 

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The NFT collection in Egypt

Jan 16-19

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

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