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Huang Xiang Culture Studio was founded by Ms. Victoria Zhang with the core mission to share and promote the writings and artwork of Chinese preeminent poet, writer, calligrapher and artist Mr. Huang Xiang, and similarly talented writers and artists whose creative freedom had been oppressed by totalitarian governments. The organization is also committed to provide outlets for talented artists to showcase their work, serve as a cultural bridge for the East and the West in terms of art, culture, open dialogues and exchanges of ideas in literature, art, education, social justice, human rights, and various universal subject. 

* Kunlun Press is a branch under Huang Xiang Culture Studio


Areas of Expertise

- Provide outlets for Chinese artists in America to showcase their work.
- Public literary and art albums.
- Charity events to raise awareness for social and human rights issues. 
- Promote traditional Chinese culture through social and cultural events



Professional Affiliations

- CAFC - Chinese American Family Coalition
- HX Art and Cultural Studio
- Kunlun Press
- NY International Writers and Artists Association

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