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Archives No.31:


2021 春季刊,美國當代中國評論雜誌發表詩人、作家、青年學者東方閃電關於黃翔的文學評論《猛士譫妄 隱士守常——縱論黃翔詩靈嬗變歷程》。

Archive No.31: 2021 Spring Issue,Contemporary China Review Magazine in USA Published the literary criticism on Huang Xiang by the poet, writer, and young scholar Eastern Lightning,titled

“The warrior is delirium, the hermit is observant —— On the spiritual evolution of Huang Xiang’s poetry “.

Archives No.32:


This is the only instance in 1994 when poet Huang Xiang's collection of poetry and prose, along with media interviews, almost got published in the Eastern Hemisphere. It also includes the first collection of poetry and prose by poet Huang Xiang published in the Western Hemisphere in 1998, a large format edition of 662 pages, along with media interview reports.

Archive No.32: 這是1994年詩人黃翔唯一一次在東半球差點上市的詩文集與媒體採訪報導;這是詩人黃翔1998年在西半球出版的第一本詩文集,大開本,662 頁,以及媒體採訪報導。

Archives No.33:


2001 年寫作並發表關於舉世震驚的9·11恐怖襲擊事件的詩篇《世紀之殤》。

In 2001, a poem titled "Death Of A Young Century" was written and published, addressing the globally shocking September 11 terrorist attacks.